The Genesis Order Save File Location

The Genesis Order Save File Location

The Genesis Order Save File Location – Windows (PC), Mac, Linux & Android Locations, and how to import Save Files from internet

The Genesis Order Save File Location – Locations

These are the routes depending on the device from which you play – Windows (PC), Linux, Mac or Android, you just need to find the folder:

  • Windows Save File Location: \Users\<Your User Name>\AppData\Local\User Data.
  • Mac Save File Location: Users/Username/Library/Application Support
  • Linux Save File Location: ~/.config/KADOKAWA/RPGMV
  • Android Save File Location: android/data

If you played Treasure of Nadia, they are the same paths

How to unhide folders?

Windows – Unhide folders

AppData (Hidden Folder): To unhide the folder:

If you don’t see the AppData folder in “YourUserName” folder:

  1. Start Button > Control Panel
  2. Open Folder Options
  3. On the View tab under Hidden files and folders, select Show hidden files and folders.
  4. Go back to \Users\<Your User Name>\ and you should see the AppData folder

Mac – Unhide folders

If you don’t see any of the path’s folders: Users/Username/Library/Application Support

  1. In Finder, open up your Macintosh HD folder
  2. Press Command+Shift+Dot

Android – Root Tutorial

The path is android/data, but you have to root your Android to be able to access.

We recommend that you consult a guide on youtube to learn how to root your Android, although in case it helps you, we leave you with a guide that we really like and we think it can help you > Here.

If you prefer a video guide, we leave you one from Technology Consultant that is also quite good. The images help make the step by step much clearer

The Genesis Order Save File Location – Import Saves

Now that you know the paths to get to the save files folder, you can now import them:

  1. Find a Save File from a reliable source, other than a virus, if it’s from someone you know much better
  2. The name cannot match any save you already have. So either you delete your previous saves, or you change the name of the new one you want to import
  3. Extract the zip in the Save File Location Folder (Check the first section of this guide)

There are hundreds of sites from where you can download Save Games or Save Files, and they are very useful, as farming The Genesis Order will take a while. But try to use reliable sources you can end up damaging your equipment

We hope we have resolved your doubts and that you have managed to find or import Save Files easily

Other File Locations:

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