Stoneshard Save Game Location

Stoneshard Save Game Location

Stoneshard Save Game Location – Save files location, how to edit save files, cheats, and how to save game (checkpoints and manual saving)

Stoneshard Save Game Location – Paths

All Sthoneshard save files are saved by default in your computer, but there are two possible routes depending on your version of windows:

  • Save Game Location: C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\LocalLow\StoneShard
  • Save Game Location (alternative path): C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\Local\StoneShard

If you don’t find the folder try these two alternative ways to find it:

Launch the game > press ALT+TAB > go to details > right click on the exe > show folder location

Also Try to display hidden folders in Windows, these are the steps

  1. Start Button > Control Panel
  2. Open Folder Options
  3. On the View tab under Hidden files and folders, select Show hidden files and folders.

Stoneshard Save Game Location – How to Edit Save Files?

These are the steps to edit save files:

  1. Launch Stoneshard > Verren’s Speech > pick your character
  2. Find the character you want to edit:
    1. Type in %appdata% into your search bar.
    2. Click on it.
    3. Go to the base folder AppData.
    4. Go to Local.
    5. and then go to Stoneshard.
    6. Click on Characters.
    7. Find the Character you want to edit
  3. Go into character.sav, open the file with a text editor like notepad and find the lines you want to edit using CTRL + F

Stoneshard Save Game Location – Cheats

As you can see you can change everything, just waste some time investigating the lines. But perhaps the most valuable cheat you can get by editing the save file is Received_XP, if you change the value of this line you will multiply the experience you get by everything you want

Stoneshard Save Game Location – How to Save Game?

There are two methods: Checkpoint saving and Manual Saving

Checkpoint Saving

They are especially useful during the tutorial, since manual saving cannot be done. You have one before the fight against the Ascended Archon and one before the exploration of Abbey’s hallway.

Manual Saving

You can only do manual saving in adventure mode. What you have to do is rent a room and sleep there for at least half an hour

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